Rental Owner


Are you a Property Owner and want to list and manage your residential or commercial property with us? Do you have a complex that requires Management? Here are the easy 3 steps:

  1. Fill it in the contact us form on our Contacts Page and click send. Alternatively send us an email to or fax - 086 566 4736
  2. We shall then send you more information on MUMBI ORM and the Rental Agreement which mandates us to manage your property. This includes Tenant Sourcing (Advertising), Tenant Screening and Tenant Selection process on your behalf to get your unit occupied.
  3. Mumbi Properties will then move-in the tenant by collecting the security deposit (into the company's trust account) and the monthly rental, which are deposited into your account on a monthly basis. In addition, we shall handle all the repair queries, work orders, evictions, letters of notice and all aspects of rental management for a fee of 10% of the rental collected!

It is that simple! 

What are the advantages of Using MUMBI ORM (Online Rental Management) System?

1. Maintain complete accounting records for each property

Keeps a complete financial picture of your properties with full general ledger accounting. Track property income, expenses, liabilities and more on a cash or accrual basis.
  • Automatically track property expenses as they are recorded
  • Create budgets to forecast property income and expenses
  • Run key financial reports on demand – available to you online!

2. Track tenants charges and payments

Keep a history of all tenants, their charges and payments. Print current statements and run delinquency reports on demand. The system automatically charges late fees according to procedures set.

  • Maintains tenant contact information
  • Track tenant payments, charges and balances including late fee charges which can be automatically set as flat fee or percentage
  • View ledgers for current as well as past tenants
  • Keeps track of when leases are about to expire
  • Generate rent roll reports, delinquency reports and others on demand

3. Property owners online access

The system allows you as a property owner to maintain your contact information online. You can access financial reports on demand.

  • Property owners therefore can update contact information online
  • As a property owner you will have online access to all data and be able to run reports on demand
  • You have access to management agreements and other documents online

4. Give residents online access

The system gives your residents online access at the resident's website. This lets them access their accounts, submit maintenance requests and more.

  • Let residents review their account balances online
  • Accept and track maintenance requests online
  • Let residents download property documents, leases and other documents
  • Post important notices and announcements electronically
  • The system has an online directory of important phone numbers that are accessible to the tenants in case of emergencies e.g. maintenance, roof leaks, plumbing urgencies etc

5. Market and fill vacancies online

The system offers an online portal to upload pictures and list vacant units. This allows prospects to search and apply for available listings online.

  • It lists vacancies on our resident's website
  • This helps us receive inquiries online from interested prospects
  • We therefore customize our rental application and then receive applications online
  • Get notified immediately when a new application arrives