MUMBI Legacy

Mumbi Legacy

Our vision is to Build a Legacy and Touch Freedom through Real Estate Investments. Our core dedication and commitment is to Build Legacies for families, Create Wealth and subsequently Financial Freedom through Real Estate.

This is the philosophy that sits at the core of all our business operations and guides our strategy, tactics and overall business processes.

Each and every person has a desire to leave a Legacy; something tangible or intangible for the future generations to know what they believed in, cherished and had meaning in their life; It also implies that which continues to have meaning when you are gone. At the same time, you should be able to use the 'Object' of this Legacy (Real Estate) for today's Wealth and Financial Freedom. Legacy and Freedom therefore is about LIVING your Legacy (FREEDOM), not just LEAVING it (LEGACY).

MUMBI LEGACY is committed to build Inter-generational wealth through Real Estate. The principle rule is to ensure that we make our clients understand to use the Right Structures, Right Experts and Right Properties. This guarantees that the Wealth will occur (Freedom) and that it will be transferred (Legacy) to the next generation efficiently.

To achieve this, MUMBI LEGACY takes you through a 6-Step process that simplifies the acquisition of wealth and freedom through property.